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Habara Group | General Overview

The Habara group of companies began in 2012 when it’s first company was incorporated.

Hotels Management

Since then the Habara name has become a power house in regional hospitality; setting new standards in service, entertainment and management. With strong growth fueled by the finest hospitality talent in the region, Habara Hotels have expanded its property portfolio every year since its inception.

Trading & Distribution

Our general trading and distribution arm  began operations in 2015 and is focused on developing our brand portfolio and bringing exiting new products to the Middle East region.

Productions & Audio Visual

Our productions division is a market leader in the supply of audio, visual and light solutions. We’ve continued to invest in the most technologically advanced equipment available and count the very best organisations in the Middle East among or customers.

Restaurants & Lounges

Our restaurant division is in constant development delivering award wining Japanese, International, French and Lebanese eateries along side unique cafe and boutique gourmet shopping experiences. We develop our own concepts and work with international partners and franchisers to deliver unparalleled culinary experiences to our customers.


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